Wild American Plum (Prunus Americana)

My favorite plum!! Sweet yellow flesh surrounded by a red/orange/purple skin. Fruit varies in size but averages about 1″ diameter. Hardy in USDA zones 3-8, this tree can handle cold, drought, wind, and browsing.

Our plants are growing in almost pure sand and intense prairie winds. We select seeds from our sweetest plums. These plants are some of the first to flower in spring, the flowers making a beautiful honey.

The sweet little fruit makes the best jams, sweet & sour sauce, and fruit leathers. They can also be dehydrated to make “wild prunes.” See how we prepare and eat them here.

Plant in the fall for best success – sometimes plums have double dormancy and require a cold season, followed by a warm season, and then cold to break open and start growing. Once they do germinate, they grow quickly.

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