Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus Umbellata)

This plant is hated by many, loved by a few. Why is it hated? Because it grows so darn well. That’s why we love it. We are growing in the sand plains of Minnesota – hot dry summers with brutally cold winters. This plant is a fighter and a survivor – and the berries taste great! They are tiny (pea size) but they are wonderful.

The taste is similar to a plum mixed with a pomegranate. The zing of a pomegranate, the juicy sweet of a plum. We love these! They are fun to pop in your pocket for a trail snack or to make amazing jams and fruit leathers.

We grow a red and a yellow variety. They are both sweet, the yellow type make a little larger fruit. However….we will be sending you seeds and they cross pollinate each other so what you get will be a sweet surprise.

Because they can spread to unmanaged areas, they might not be legal in your state. Please check your state’s rules first before ordering. Luckily, they are not yet illegal in Minnesota.

Click here to read more about how we feel about “invasive” versus “native species.

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