Antonovka Apple (Malus Antonovka)

Have you heard that planting apple seeds is a fool’s errand? We and many other fruit breeders are working to dispel that myth. The truth is – you can not plant most apple seeds and expect the tree to produce fruit identical to the parent fruit.

It’s also true that most grocery store apples are grown in orchards with crab apples for better pollination – meaning the resulting progeny will possibly be small and/or tart/bitter.

But there are benefits to seed grown apples – hardiness and longevity being the most important. You also might wind up with a fantastic new variety!

Antonovka apples originate in Kazakhstan and are some of the hardiest apples around! They also breed “close” to type.  They are large, green, and tart. Better eaten when cooked, but fantastic for wildlife.

We are growing Antonovka from seeds (from original Kazakhstan germ lines) in the sand plains of Minnesota (zone 4a.) We do not provide irrigation, fertilizer, or pesticides, but we do cage the trees from browsing predators (deer love these trees…)

Our trees are still young, but we will eventually offer seeds and roots for sale. We may also offer seedling trees locally for white tail deer habitat. We will update this page when they are available.

Why buy the Antonovka?

  • They are hardy
  • They make excellent rootstock for named varieties
  • They are edible to humans and wildlife
  • It’s fun to try new things!

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