How to grow trees from seeds – the easiest and most reliable method


There is a secret to planting tree seeds — winter sowing.

The quick and dirty explanation is to plant the seed outside and the seed will naturally stratify and wake up when the timing is right. There is no guessing on “how many cold days” or “how much moisture” or “what temperature to set them out.”

Just fill a pot soil (or potting mix), drill some holes in the bottom and cover the top with either a perforated plastic lid (to allow air/water to come in/out) or a screen. We use old window screens because we usually plant a large number of seeds at once. They are easy and reusable.

We put our seeds out in fall and they get covered with snow pretty quickly. They stay outside all winter long and the seeds germinate when they are ready in the spring. Some come up right away, some wait a while. No guessing, no worrying, no problems.

Want to learn more about winter sowing? – has more information.

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